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How to Install a Copper Apron Flashing on a Brick Chimney

Secure the Area Around Your Roof Chimney

choosing the right roofersHello friends! Today, we are going to speak about creating a chimney flashing. As you know, the area around your chimney is one of the most important parts of your roof. A poor apron flashing job can cause leaks and other roofing problems which will require a high budget to be repaired. In order to avoid that, the team of Martin A. Pitts Construction has prepared a few tips to help you successfully install such “apron”.

The most important instrument you will need in order to do that is a gas torch. It is not recommended to use it on the roof, however. If you use any open flame soldering device there, it can cause a fire.

Measure the chimney before you start creating the copper semi-square to put around it. Basically, the first piece of copper will be overlapped by every next one until the semi-square (only 3 sides) is formed. Apply some special flux or paste over the area where the two pieces of metal have to be bonded, and then use the flame of the gas torch to melt it and stick them together. Make sure you keep the distance between the two pieces tight while you are doing the job. Copper is pretty easy to work with, so handling this job should not be a problem for you.

After you are done, make sure that all corners are even. If they are not, you can take your time and cut them in a round shape, so they look nice and match well. You can do it by eye, no measuring is required here. All that is left for you to do is climb up on the roof and nail the flashing there. Make sure it stays as flat as possible and adjust it with a hammer, if necessary. If all this looks too complicated, you may call our local team of roofers operating in Fort Worth TX. Call our office number (817) 907-2073 now, and learn more about the prices we offer!

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