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How to Shop for a New Roof or Repair Your Old One?

Common Materials Which Can Be Used for Roof Installation and Roof Repairs

If you do not know what type of roofing products does the market offer today, then you definitely need to read this post to its very end. Today, we will familiarize you with several roofing types which can be considered when you need to install a new roof or book roof repairs.

roofers repairing1. Shingles. They are ideal for homeowners who have to do a remodel on budget as they are the least expensive option. Their lifespan is from 10 to 20 years, so they are also good for temporary constructions and sheds. Traditional organic shingles are less durable than the architectural fiberglass shingles. They often have no or low manufacturer’s warranty.
2. Aluminum or steel shingles. Metal shingles are much more durable than the asphalt ones. They are slightly more expensive to install but provide a better corrosion resistance, so they are definitely worth the investment. They do not degrade that fast as they used to because now they are coated with corrosion-resistant chemicals. They are also lightweight and durable which are other reasons why more and more homeowners prefer them when doing roof repairs.
3. Wooden shakes and shingles. The most commonly used wood roofing material is cedar. If properly maintained, this material can give your property a beautiful authentic look, especially if it is located in a forest area. Although this type of roofing is not very expensive, it requires maintenance almost every year, so the final bill may end up to be a bit higher than if you use other roofing materials.

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